The FLOW Life

A present to you from you. The gift of FLOW.

 What is it that is inside of you to share with the world?  What is your purpose and your passion?  Are you living with fullness, gratitude and presence?  

Those are just a few of the questions that we will address in this Online Experience called The FLOW Life.

In a world that values staying busy, pushing toward the next accomplishment and rushing to cross items off a a to-do list, it is no surprise that we are sometimes left a bit empty, numb or disconnected from our authentic selves.

Before we jump to make new plans and plow through our life with more gusto, I suggest something else.   

To build a deeper connection with life, we have an opportunity to create a deeper connection with ourselves.  

We have an opportunity to let go of what keeps us stuck .  

As we learn to slow it down, to listen from the inside out and to connect with our heart and spirit with harmony and grace, we open ourselves up to the MORE that is ALREADY waiting for us.

I invite you on this journey that will bring more center, calm and meaning to your life.

I invite you to go beneath the surface and explore all that awaits to emerge within you.

I invite you to make space for more compassion, gentleness and peace.  

I invite you to experience The FLOW Life.

What's included?

6 Videos
1 Survey
17 Texts
Michanda Lindsey
Michanda Lindsey
Presence & FLOW

About the instructor

It is a joy to support and assist us in knowing that we are amazing, radiant and magnificent.  This means reminding us that we are more than our history, our culture, our experiences, our joys, our successes, our triumphs, our wounds, and our pain. I believe that even though we are each wonderfully unique, we are also connected through this gift of life.  I am honored to be able to assist people in discovering that their answers are already within them - if we just slow down and make time and space to truly listen from the inside out.   I know that as each of us becomes reconnected with our true purpose, we truly shine and help others do the same.

Give yourself a gift that will open you up to who you really are.  Prepare to let go of what is not needed and to make space for ease, grace, peace, compassion.  Open yourself to The FLOW Life.

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