The FLOW: Phase Two


Phase 2 of The FLOW is designed to go deeper.  This interactive course allows participants to gain deeper understanding about themselves as wells tools to help others do the same. It is my deep desire that more people will live their life with true meaning and purpose, while radiantly shining in such a way that it causes other people to do the same.  Instead of more striving, pushing and stressing, Certified FLOW Facilitators will be able to help people embrace another way.  As we step into presence, ease and connection, we step into our true magnificence.  In Phase 2 of this Certification process, I invite you to expand your heart, mind and spirit because as you do,  I know that you will be able to share this gift with all you may encounter, especially those in your sphere of influence.  We can brighten this planet as we let go of what keeps us small and confined and choose to reveal our true brilliance, radiance and magnificence.  Let's get started!

Course Curriculum

Personal Consultation with Michanda
Chapter Twelve: Spiritual FLOW - Week 12

What's included?

12 Videos
1 Survey
25 Texts
Michanda Lindsey
Michanda Lindsey
Presence & FLOW

About the instructor

It is a joy to support and assist us in knowing that we are amazing, radiant and magnificent.  This means reminding us that we are more than our history, our culture, our experiences, our joys, our successes, our triumphs, our wounds, and our pain. I believe that even though we are each wonderfully unique, we are also connected through this gift of life.  I am honored to be able to assist people in discovering that their answers are already within them - if we just slow down and make time and space to truly listen from the inside out.   I know that as each of us becomes reconnected with our true purpose, we truly shine and help others do the same.

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