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 This journey that we call life is filled with more than we can imagine.  Sometimes that may mean painful and challenging experiences that leave us with bruises and scars.  In an attempt to keep up with the frenetic pace that the world demands of us, we often patch those scars or bury them and attempt to go forward the best way we can.  

Instead of sleepwalking through life, or going through the motions, we can use our powerful gift of choice to open ourselves up to an expanded way of living.  We can open our consciousness and live in a way that is both authentic and enriching.  We can live in alignment with our purpose.   This doesn't come easily necessarily but we can create space for ease and flow in our life.

Join us for a special LIVE class as we discuss what this looks like and offer you tools to live connected to what matters, to your truth, and to your essence - no matter how close or how far away that may seem to you right now.

Michanda Lindsey
Michanda Lindsey
Presence & FLOW

About the instructor

It is a joy to support and assist us in knowing that we are amazing, radiant and magnificent.  This means reminding us that we are more than our history, our culture, our experiences, our joys, our successes, our triumphs, our wounds, and our pain. I believe that even though we are each wonderfully unique, we are also connected through this gift of life.  I am honored to be able to assist people in discovering that their answers are already within them - if we just slow down and make time and space to truly listen from the inside out.   I know that as each of us becomes reconnected with our true purpose, we truly shine and help others do the same.  


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